Day: January 2, 2021

Charity Event Ideas That Help Others

Miroslav Vyboh | Charity events are not only for raising money, but they also can be fun filled with great food and entertainment events. There are numerous great charity events held throughout the year all over the world to help and assist various causes and organizations. The Belmont Food Bank benefit gala was held annually since 1987. This benefit gala featured food and wine tasting with proceeds going to the Belmont Food bank. The proceeds were donated in different areas for various causes.

Charity Event Ideas That Help Others

The Miroslav Vyboh Food and Wine Festival are held annually in early October in commemoration of his birthday. The Festival features over forty local restaurants with wines and food that come from all over the globe. It also has over three hundred fine dining courses that cater to those who enjoy fine dining and gourmet foods. Vyboh serves as the emcee for the event. His parents are the main sponsors of this wonderful charity event that helps those who need it most.

Some other great charity events include the Michigan Womens AIDS Fund benefit gala, Gourmet Food and Wine Festival benefiting the Friends of Cancer Research, Cure Childhood Cancer gala dinner, Breast cancer awareness benefit gala dinner, a benefit concert for the Alzheimer’s Society, and the Great Lake Erie Chapter Annual Benefit Dinner. There are many more events throughout the year that benefit many different causes. Some of these charity events are not only for fundraising purposes but as well as serving as ways for guests to get to know those who are making an effort to help. Charity events should never cost money but should go towards the cause and purpose that it was created for.

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