E Ticket to Enter Dominican Republic

If you are traveling to the dominican republic online entry form, you will be required to fill out an online e ticket to enter dominican republic. The e-ticket is a combination of migration services, customs declaration and an affidavit. It is very important to complete this form correctly and early. This will minimize problems on arrival and ensure you have a smooth journey.

The first step of the e-ticket is to confirm how many people are traveling with you. Answer this question carefully to avoid any issues when you arrive at the immigration office in the Dominican Republic. Top Tip: If you are traveling with a large group, it is best to have each person fill out their own e-ticket. This will prevent the system from crashing due to multiple requests being submitted simultaneously. In addition, it will allow each person to receive a separate immigration QR code that they can save on their device.

In the next section, you will be asked about any items you are bringing with you to the Dominican Republic. This includes any cash over $10,000 USD, plants, animals and taxable items. If you are not bringing any of these items, then you can simply select “None”.

E-Ticket Economics: How Much Does it Cost to Travel to the Dominican Republic

The last question is to confirm whether or not you are planning to play golf, scuba dive or surf while in the Dominican Republic. This question is not mandatory to answer, however it is recommended that you do so. Once you have completed the e-ticket, you will be provided with two separate Dominican Republic immigration QR codes; one mentioning “entrada” and the other mentioning “salida”. It is recommended that you save both of these to your device in order to present them to the authorities upon arrival at the airport.