How to Clean a Kitchen Extractor Hood

A well-functioning extractor hood keeps steam, odours and fumes to a minimum in the kitchen ensuring a fresh and clean environment. A regular clean will help to keep it working at its most efficient whilst also reducing the risk of fire as grease and grime can easily build up on filters.Learn more

Extractor hoods are commonly ducted (or vented) or ductless/recirculating and can either blow cooking gases through a ducting system to the outside of the house or filter them using a charcoal based system before releasing the cleaned air back into the kitchen. Ducted hoods will require regular cleaning as the grease particles can clog up the fan and prevent it from extracting air efficiently.

Choosing the Right Kitchen Extractor Cleaner: Factors to Consider

The inside of an extractor hood can be wiped down using warm soapy water and is usually easy to reach. However, for island and chimney hoods you will need to take care when accessing the grill as they may be located in more exposed areas and could potentially fall or slip. If the grill becomes particularly dirty, it’s often advisable to use a cleaner that contains no caustic chemicals as these can cause permanent damage to your cooker hood.

If the outer shell of the hood becomes particularly dirty, this should be wiped down with warm soapy water. This will not impact the functionality of the hood but is important to keep it free from grease and grime as this can discolour the outer shell, making the hood look unsightly.