5 Tips For Installing an Online Lone Worker App

Lone worker apps were first developed to help companies manage their mobile workforce efficiently by providing access to company-owned workers. These apps provide access to employees while traveling and/or on leave. Most applications will give the option for the employee to either: Use the app on a smartphone or view the information through their laptop. Some LSPs (licensed service providers) also provide access through Blackberries or smart phones. With the advancements in technology and mobile communication, a new breed of LSP was developed to take advantage of the advantages of these mobile communication devices.

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5 Tips For Installing an Online Lone Worker App

LSPs provide security monitoring for lone workers. When an employee goes alone at work, it is often difficult for an employer to confirm they are actually at work. This can lead to serious safety concerns as lone workers may not report problems when they may be away from the office. A lone worker app provides security monitoring and notification to notify an administrator if a worker has gone off site. In addition, most LSPs offer two-way voice communications with an answering machine or a call center representative if the user remains at a location other than the company’s site.

While working alone may present some challenges for companies that have implemented these apps, the benefits of reduced overhead and loss prevention make the investment worthwhile. Most LSPs provide excellent support and training so that even first time LSP users can understand how the system works and the various options they have available. Additionally, many LSPs offer health and safety monitoring services to ensure that all employees are taking the necessary steps to protect the health and safety of themselves and others. As a result, the costs associated with protecting your company and employees from harm become more affordable. In addition, a single worker app can help protect your business by reducing your expenses related to employee insurance, safety training, liability and loss prevention and preparation for an actual workforce of workers.