An Emmometer – An Instrument Used to Measure Wind Speed and Direction

An anemometer can be used to determine the direction and speed of the wind outside your home. Some models can even provide information about the weather outside as well as help you predict the path of strong winds in the future. The anemometers in the United States can be used to determine the speed and direction of wind direction inside a building.

Wind direction and speed

An anemometric instrument is typically mounted inside a building to measure the direction of wind flow. Most models of these devices have a rotating disk attached that measures wind velocity and the speed of air flowing over the rotating disk. An anemometer will usually contain an electrical current source that will indicate the power supply to the device when it is turned on.

A wind gauge is a mechanical device used for determining wind direction and wind speed. It’s also referred to as a wind meter. The word is derived from the Ancient Greek word demos, meaning wind, and can be found in many meteorological instruments that are used in weather science. An anemometer will typically use a horizontal wind probe that has either an electronic needle or a rotating disk to measure airspeed, velocity, and direction of wind.