Best Spa in Bali

In this article, I’m going to talk about the best spa in Bali, Uluwatu, for a couple. The first place that we should look is Uluwatu beach, this is the biggest beach in Bali and is situated just about in the middle of the island. It has an amazing view across the ocean and is surrounded by coconut groves, palm trees and sand dunes. The Uluwatu beach is not only the best spa in Bali it is also the oldest one, but you can still rent a spa at this location for a great price.

The Ultimate Bali Spa Vacation

The second place that we should visit is uluwatu spa | The Istana, this is a small resort on the western side of the island that prides itself for being the best spa in Bali. This is the perfect place for a couple to get great massages, this resort has a full-service day spa, and a small pool and is located in a very convenient location. On top of all of that the cost of this place is really cheap and is well worth it for a couple or even a family. Another great thing about this spa is that they offer daily massages, pedicures, facials, manicures, and even a small sauna for those days when you don’t want to use the pools.

If you want to stay away from the sandy beaches and enjoy the rich tropical scenery and natural beauty of the islands of Bali, then you should look into staying at Kuta Beach. Kuta beach is the last resort on the east side of the island, and is not frequented as much as the other resorts, but it is well worth it for some good massages and good spa treatments. These types of spa treatments can be had in the warm climate outside or in private indoor treatment rooms. There are also full service yoga classes at this resort that you can take advantage of. Many people stay at Kuta Beach because it is one of the last resorts to have cable television, Internet access, and high speed Internet.