Boric Life Supppositories For Bacterial Vaginosis

Using boric life suppositories to treat bacterial vaginosis is a safe and effective way to treat BV. However, you should be careful to use them only when prescribed by your healthcare provider.

Why do I keep getting BV?

The symptoms of bacterial vaginosis include painful urination, abnormal discharges, and burning sensation. These symptoms usually clear up within a day or two of starting treatment. However, they may persist if not treated. In some cases, they may lead to pelvic inflammatory disease. Using boric acid suppositories can help clear up lingering infections and prevent them from coming back.

Boric acid is a type of natural mineral boron that is present in seawater. It works with naturally occurring lactic acid and vitamin C to promote a healthy vaginal pH balance. This balance helps to protect the vagina from overgrowth of vaginal bacteria.

Boric acid suppositories are available in a variety of forms. They can be purchased over the counter or prescribed by your healthcare provider. They can help treat bacterial vaginosis and other vaginal issues. They can also be used to treat recurrent yeast infections.

Boric acid suppositories can help keep the vagina fresh all day. They contain Lactobacilli, a type of bacteria that lives in the vagina and helps to maintain the vaginal pH balance.

Boric acid suppositories may be used in conjunction with antibiotics to treat recurrent yeast infections. However, they should not be taken orally. If you take boric acid orally, it may be toxic to your developing fetus.