Super Silver Haze Tea Review

Super Silver Haze is an extraordinary strain from Super Haze that provides outstanding results with very little effort. It comes from the famous Green Mountain Coffee beans, and is a cross between French Roast and Arabica. Super Silver Haze features sativa characteristics and yet it doesn’t give you couch lock nor makes you sleepy quickly. With only 23% of the caffeine as Arabica, this is a very potent strain to start with.

How To Take The Headache Out Of Super Silver Haze

This super silver haze from super haze is a beautiful and citrusy aroma from the robust Arabica bean. The aroma has hints of lemons, oranges, pears and grapefruit. The aroma is almost meditative, as if the aroma was coming directly from your cup of coffee, which will definitely make you feel more relaxed and ready for your day.

I really enjoy Super Silver Haze from Green Mountain and I know you will too. The aroma alone is enough to keep you alert and energetic, but the super citrusy nature of the blend sure helps with energy as well. Try this fantastic strain at your favorite coffee shop.m. | coffee | strain | try} If super Silver Haze at your coffee shop is not for you try another wonderful a.m. time release called Golden Haze at Your Coffee Shop. Golden Haze doesn’t really have a dominant citrus scent like the super variety does, but it is almost completely odorless. If you are looking for an a.m. coffee pick try Golden Haze.