Different Kinds of Work Visa USA

work visa usa

What is the American Work Visa USA? The American Work Visa USA is mainly used by people from other countries who want to work legally in the U.S. It is usually given to people on green card. The American work visa is different from a green card because green card is granted once a person has reached the legal age in the United States, while work visa is granted when a person has started to work legally in the United States. This kind of U.S Visa does not permit people to work permanently or ever in the U.S.


There are basically two kinds of work visa usa: B-1 Visa and H-1 Visa. If you want to work legally in United States, the best thing that you can do is to apply for an American work visa USA or B-1 Visa. However, if you also intend to stay in the United States on a temporary basis, such as a job transfer, then you should apply for an immigrant visa, also referred to as an H-1 Visa.


For people who do not have any kind of relationship with the United States, they can still obtain work visas US by applying for an individual work visa US or an approved international affiliation visa. An approved international affiliation visa is usually needed for those intending to enter the United States on a temporary basis. You need to follow all the rules and requirements given to you when you apply for any work visa usa.