Domain Appraisal Tool

A Domain appraisal tool is a service that evaluates the value of a domain name. The service compares the domain to similar names that have sold in the past and provides a range of pricing options based on this information. The service is useful for anyone who has a domain that they want to sell or use for a website.

The best free domain appraisal tools are easy to use and give a decent amount of information on the domain’s value. These tools are not as accurate as professional appraisals done by a domain expert, but they will suffice for most small business owners looking to buy or sell a domain.

Top Features of a Reliable Domain Appraisal Tool

GoDaddy’s free domain appraisal tool uses a unique approach that combines machine learning and real sales data from over 84 million domains it manages. It will also give you a sample of comparable domains and their values and will check for trademark infringement.

Valuate is another popular domain appraisal tool owned by Domaining that is similar to others on this list, but it has one key feature that sets it apart-it checks for trademark infringement. This is important because trademark infringement is illegal and can be costly for businesses.

Estibot is a professional domain appraisal service that offers valuation certificates for both individual and bulk domains. Its reports include information like search volume and competition for the domain, as well as a quality assessment. The Estibot domain appraisal service also allows you to compare the value of a domain across different TLDs (extensions), which is an important factor when buying or selling domains.