Freestanding A4 Poster Stand

Beautifully designed sanitiser station, professionally manufactured by Sanitiser is an effective professional grade gel dispenser specifically suitable for medical institutions, schools and hospitals, entry foyers, departmental stores or any prestigious or busy place. Sanitiser gel dispensers come in a variety of styles to meet any specific requirement and are used to sanitise hands before entering any room. Hand sanitiser stations can also be used as a sanitiser drying counter as well as to keep hands clean and well groomed after their day at school or work. Sanitiser’s professional quality sanitiser products are ideal for sanitizing medical staff and patients alike.

How to find best Freestanding a4 poster stand

Freestanding sanitiser station supplies a range of sanitising solutions such as; a bulk fill dispenser, sanitiser wash basin, sanitiser towel, sanitiser pads, and a sanitized bottle. Sanitiser bottles can be custom printed with company logos or catch names of staff members and patients. Bulk fill dispensers are available in either the standard 2 gallon or a larger 3 gallon size to allow for more sanitizing solutions to be utilised in less time. Both the Freestanding and the PPE bulk fill dispensers can be purchased in either black green, white or clear colours to meet your specific sanitizing requirements. Sanitiser has developed a loyal customer base due to their effective and user-friendly gel stations.

A sanitiser station with a Freestanding a4 poster stand is ideal for advertising and promotional purposes in medical facilities. The poster has a large space for the company logo and contact details and can be placed on the top of the sanitiser bottle. The poster can also be used as an additional marketing tool in departmental stores, chiropractic spas, and other health care centres. If you are looking to promote a new service, new product, or new offer in the market place a Freestanding a4 poster stand can help you attract new customers. The high quality design and durable materials used in production to ensure that your posters will be able to withstand high traffic and remain in pristine condition for many years to come.