How Apple Watch Accuracy Is Determined

The Apple Watch Vo2 max reading is not based on laboratory measurements, but rather on the wearer’s general fitness level. It is accurate, and seems to be relatively stable outside of major watch firmware upgrades. The equation used to calculate vo2 max apple watch accuracy changes during software updates. As a result, the watch’s vo2 max apple watch accuracy reading may not be completely accurate.

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The Apple Patent document explains how the VO2 max accuracy is determined. It is based on the resting heart rate and a user profile, which are calculated from data from the base optical heart rate sensor. This data is then converted into a user’s VO2 max. The Apple Watch also uses the Whoop heart rate variability metric, which is derived from data collected by a second sensor.

The Apple Watch also measures VO2 max based on age. Ideally, a good VO2 max would be higher than the average for a person’s age group. Therefore, for a male user aged 30 to 39, a good VO2 max would be greater than 43. The Apple Watch also checks the user’s VO2 max after every activity that lasts longer than 20 minutes.

VO2 max is the maximum amount of oxygen consumed during a 20-minute workout. If your workout is more intensive than that, you should see a higher VO2 max reading. Alternatively, you can look up your VO2 max in the Health app on your iPhone. In the Activity tab, select Health Data and VO2 max. You’ll find the current month’s VO2 max readings highlighted in a large orange box.