How Does Edwards Solar Hot Water Systems Work?

edwards solar hot water

The Edwards solar hot water systems are named after their inventors; James and Ellen Edwards. The main idea of this system is that water is heated by sunlight, which then travels to a storage reservoir where it is stored. They have designed this particular system to be as efficient as possible but also to offer an almost constant supply of hot water.

Edwards Solar Hot Water Systems

Edwards solar hot water systems are so named because the hot water tank is near the hot collector plates, which are made of silicon coated copper or aluminum. It uses what is known as the thermoplastic effect – water is heated up in the hot collector plates, then naturally rises to the hot storage tank, where it is stored. The design is such that the water can be heated in one area and not in another. The heat from the sun, which is a constant, is used to warm the water, but then it is directed back to the hot collector plate where it is transformed it again so that it can heat water again. This type of energy conversion is known as thermal energy conversion, and it is what allows the sun’s rays to warm water repeatedly.

A hot water tank which is located near a window can be made to act like a small solar collector, so that the sun’s heat can be harnessed and transferred to the storage reservoir to provide hot water on demand. It is very easy to install, and many manufacturers recommend installing it over the hot water heater itself. With the installation of this system, you are taking advantage of the suns natural power for heating water.