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If you are in search for a massage therapist shepparton then why not look to one of Shepparton, Somerset’s finest when it comes to spa services? Located on the banks of the River Avon, Shepparton is a town that has developed since the age of the ancient Romans and is now home to some of the finest spa facilities in the South West. It is no wonder that Shepparton is known for its deep, rich, and luxurious spa offerings, as it is one of the fastest growing spa towns in the UK. The options available in this town include body wraps, deep tissue massages, and saunas.

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Miss Christina De Cicco is a masseuse who was born in Peru. She graduated from the prestigious School of Medicine in Lima that is associated with the Peruvian Government. After her graduation, she worked with various well-known brands and is now based in Hollywood. Her credits include Angelina Jolie’s personal masseuse in both Armani and Dior. Her services are recommended by Jolie and she makes sure that her clients meet high standards.

Devichard has appeared on television before. In one episode, she was the host of a cooking show called “TV’s Best Cook”. Now she has a line of cookbooks and is working on a book for other authors.