Professional Fire Watch Services

Fire Watch Services

As mentioned, Fire Watch Services is usually only required when a commercial building either has a non-fire alarm system or a malfunctioning sprinkler system. Other reasons could be a burglar alarm, a triggered access control panel, or even in response to outages caused by a hurricane, a natural disaster, or emergency power loss. When the public’s safety is put at risk in any way, a Fire Watch will be put into place to give the public notice of the dangers that could be found within the structure. This is also an important tool for owners and managers who want to protect their business from costly lawsuits that could stem from a loss of human life. The importance of providing this warning to the public cannot be stressed enough. If a structure is found to be completely unsecured, a Fire Watch can be instituted that will give warning of smoke, fire and carbon monoxide risks.}

If the structure is found to be adequately protected with a basic alarm system, then it will continue to be monitored by the service provider through a dedicated Fire Watch Service. When a company that specializes in fire watch services is contacted, they can conduct several tests on the structure, looking to identify potential problems before any of the public is notified. These tests can take place during normal business hours and can be as simple as checking the temperature control in the kitchen, or they can go far beyond and include video inspections of the electrical systems as well as looking for signs of smoke and fire damage. They will also verify if carbon monoxide levels are properly monitored and will conduct routine maintenance checks to ensure everything is functioning properly. This ensures that the property remains safe and secure for the public and will alert them if anything outside of the protection level should occur.

In the case of a malfunctioning fire alarm, the professionals who provide these services will immediately notify the fire department and local law enforcement authorities. Once the cause of the malfunction has been determined, the concerned professionals will then install a new Fire Watch Service so that the structure remains safe. The installation process can take just a few minutes and can even be completed without the presence of a professional, depending on the individual service provider. This is one of the most important reasons to use professional fire watch security services – their expertise allows them to make sure the structure is kept safe from any kind of malfunctioning that could prove dangerous to the public.