The Benefits of Paper Towel Germination

Whether you grow veggies, herbs or flowers, paper towel germination is a quick and easy way to get your seeds growing. While this method is not ideal for all seeds (it can be difficult to control the moisture levels and some seeds require cold stratification), it is great for most and can help you determine which seeds are viable before you invest time and money in traditional germinating methods.

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Unlike traditional germinating, this method requires no dirt – which means less mess in your kitchen! It is also a great way to monitor the progress of your seeds. The rolled paper towels allow you to see the tiny roots growing, which can be very exciting! It is also a great activity for kids, and a wonderful way to teach them about the process of plant growth.

Consistent Moisture

The rolled paper towels provide consistent moisture, which is vital for most seed types. If a seed gets too dry, it can’t grow and may not even sprout. On the other hand, if the paper towels stay damp and warm, the seeds will thrive.

Quick Results

The germination time of seeds will vary depending on the type, but most vegetables start to emerge in about two days. Pepper seeds, for example, can take up to a month to germinate. This can be a long time, but using a paper towel method will ensure the seeds don’t dry out during this period.