Treatex Hardwax Oil

treatex wax oil

Treatex Hardwax Oil is an interior wood finish that provides a natural, protective finish. It is suitable for internal joinery including wood floors, staircases, skirting and worktops. It is made with a blend of natural oils and waxes. It is designed to be user-friendly and aesthetically pleasing.

Hardwax Oil Ultra

Treatex wax oil Ultra is the next generation Hardwax Oil, designed to enhance the natural beauty of interior timber surfaces. It is fast-drying and incredibly easy to use. Its formulation is based on sustainable raw materials such as candelilla and linseed oils. It is suitable for domestic and commercial applications. Its added anti-slip additive, Treatex R12, makes it even more slip-resistant.

While Treatex Hardwax Oil is not suitable for all types of wood, it can add protection to most surfaces and increase the drying time of finished surfaces. It can be applied using a high quality microfibre roller or brush. You can also use Treatex Hardwax Thinner to clean wet tools and surfaces after application. The product is available in a small sample size that you can try to see whether it suits your needs.