What Is a Car Bra and How Do You Use One?

What exactly is a car bra? It is simply a style of cosmetic bra that fastens to your car’s front end. These can be found in a variety of styles to match any style of car. A front end car bra fits over your entire vehicle from bumper to the hood and sides. Some are made specifically for trucks and SUVs, while others are made for certain models of cars such as Mini or hatchbacks. Regardless of what type of car bra you need to purchase, you need to understand the functions of this type of personal protection for your vehicle.

A front-end car bra is a kind of plastic cover that attaches directly to the top of a vehicle or other automobile to shield the hood, bumpers, and other sensitive parts of the fender. The inside of this cover is lined with either a velour or light cloth material. This cloth lining is designed to mold itself to the contours of your vehicle’s hood, door windows, and other sensitive parts of your vehicle. When you put the cover on, it tightens around your vehicle like a glove. The material also rides up over the car wrap so that no paint can get behind it. If paint does get behind it, the cover will quickly pull it right off and let your paint come out perfectly smooth without paint streaks.

Front-end car bras not only protect your vehicle, but they are also a great way to improve your appearance. If you are someone who often times paints her car, a front-end car bra would help you minimize paint fade. The material acts like a shield to help reduce paint fade, which helps the color of your vehicle stay intact for many years to come. Unfortunately, not everyone likes car bras. They do seem to cause paint fade, especially if you are someone who often repaints their vehicle.